Amigard receives international branding award

Branding Awards


High efficacy

In order to give you the alternative to the chemical solutions, we created Amigard Spot-on – a special combination of natural active ingredients. This combination is safe for your beloved pets and highly effective in protecting them against fleas and ticks. Its special formula was developed and tested in cooperation with researchers taking care of large groups of animal and their safety.

Effectiveness of Amigard Spot-on is comparable to the most efficient chemical products on the market. See the following graphics.

This is the soft power of Nature!


Average number of fleas found per per cat on
homogenous of 20 cats


Average number of ticks found per per cat on
homogenous of 20 cats

  • Untreated control
  • Spot-on with Fipronilum/Methopren
  • Amigard Spot-on