Amigard receives international branding award

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A new standard in pet protection


Amigard’s Unique Combination of Fully Natural Active Ingredients. Based on research of efficacy and on the toxicological profile of the actives a formula containing natural extract of the Neem tree, or Margosa-tree and of decanoic acid. Neem oil extract has a widely known and proven insect-repellent properties and has been used since ancient time for this purpose in India and China. In recent years its use and favorable properties have been re-discovered. Additionally, decanoic acid, an active ingredient exclusively registered and used by SolNova has been included in our formula as a second active ingredient. Decanoic acid is a natural ingredient obtained from coconut oil by hydrolysis and is present in various natural fats, such as goat milk, from where it takes its common name, capric acid (from capra, latin for goat). Decanoic acid is a part of substances excuded by the sebaceous glands of the host animals of parasites and has probably also „pheromonic“ functions.
As this class of substances is vital for the localization of the hosts, the parasites have developed an extreme sensitivity to these substances with highly specialized receptors responding to the substances in extremely low trace concentrations, in the ppb range.If the concentration reaching the receptors of the parasites exceeds by large factors the detection level, the substances unfold a strong repellent effect through signal overload. This effect is used by SolNova’s formula. Furthermore, the combination of the two actives consisting of two completely different classes of compounds produces a noticable synergism broadening the effect.

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