World Branding Award. Success of our brand!

We are so happy and proud that Amigard Brand is appreciated and chosen to get the award!
Over 800 brands from 35 countries were nominated to the2017-2018 Animalis Edition of „World Branding Award”. Only 92 brand won the Award, including Amigard: fort he brand and concept of natural antiparasite repellents from Switzerland. The ceremony took place in beautiful interiors of the Austrian Presidential Palace – in the Throne Room of Hoburg, Vienna

The awards honour the accomplishments of the brands world-wide. The winners have been selected based on three criteria, brand valuation, consumer research and public online voting. Each brand has been selected to be the brand of the year in its category.
The Animalis edition of the branding awards honors the accomplishments of the brands in the pet and companion animal market world-wide. The consumer votes make up to 70% of the decisional criteria, the brands need to show a strong recognition by their customers in order to be eligible for the awards says Richard Rowles, Chairman of the World Branding Forum.
The Award is for Amigard a wonderful distinction and a confirmation that our concept and efforts are very appreciated and in a good direction. It is for sure a great chance for our further development!